This is your one and only chance to apply...
How do you want to lead?
When can you serve?
Einstein Leadership (Teacher Brillance Training)
Einstein Sr Leader (High School)
Einstein Jr Leader (Volunteer)
June 6th-28th (minus family vacations)
July 1st-24th (minus family vacations)
Limited Spots Available! Submit Your Application Below.
Why Do You Like Camp Genius?
Because It Is Amazing!
I Have Overcome Challenges and now I have SuperPowers to share.
I need the $
I have crazy Reading/Writing or Math skills.
I love to lead kids into the throne room through worship, art and dance.
I am going to start a 3dThinker Revolution!
Do you need to make $ummer?
I would love to make $21 recruiting campers or
I would love to recruit 1 camper and get $210 for 21 hours of service
I am a teacher! I would love to recruit 3 campers and get $630 and teach 7 mornings of camp from 8:30-12:30
Impact the World.
One Child. One Heart at a time.  

Build the Kingdom.
Invite everyone you know! Pray that God radically empowers everyone you invite. 
Defend the Castle.
Sr Leaders and Teachers  build your  $ummer treasure chest.
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